Lake Dash Fountain

The small lake of Cheshme Dave mill is located in the geographical position of Mazandaran province and in the northern highlands of Lar Plain. This small circular pond has a diameter of about 20 meters in diameter, and water flows out of 2 openings under the drain. The boiling of water from two springs at the water level is quite clear. The lake is located on a calcareous hill 10 meters from the floor of the river adjacent to it and does not see the spring road down the road. This hill is composed of accumulation of minerals in spring water and their sedimentation over the years. The fountain is located at an altitude of 3014 meters above sea level, and consists of two small and large ponds, located a short distance from each other.

The presence of abundant bicarbonate salts in the water of the lake has created a hill in the spring of this spring. So far, these salts have not blocked the water jets because of the high water pressure from the bottom of the pond. Water color is turquoise blue and has a sour taste and an unpleasant smell of sulfur. The water temperature varies from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius. It is likely that the span of the sprinkler at its inception was smaller (perhaps less than one meter), and then, due to the dissolution of the products of the pertussis, it was eaten with water containing carbon dioxide, and the diameter of it gradually increased. Due to its high water content in the past, as well as a large amount of calcium bicarbonate salts, these springs, such as other springs, have the opportunity to create a cone, and the flat platform is made of travertine deposits, located 10 meters above the bottom of the valley.

The hiking trail is not touched by the pond road from the adjacent road and the 10-meter hill has to walk on the west side of the road. 

Private car road Access to this pond via Haraz road, Palur subway road towards Lar dam lake, then the dirt road of Vararve plain, crossing the plain and continuing the road, crossing the river, after the Tarshkhal head, the first 2 way, the northern route In the opposite direction of the river, it passes 2 km away from the water catchment.

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